Who we are

The best partner for who works in the funerary sector

Why choose Xline by Me.Ber..

Me.Ber. nasce come produttore di barelle e altri dispositivi medici nel 1987. Grazie all’esperienza maturata su un campo così delicato, in cui affidabilità ed efficacia dei prodotti sono cruciali, ha esteso nel corso degli anni la propria gamma nel settore funerario.

Experience at your service.

Me.Ber. has been working in the funeral industry for several years. Like anyone who works in this sector, you have one and only one goal: to improve the work to improve the service. Our products and services are designed for this, to ensure maximum efficiency, always.

How we work.

To design the products we build, we use computerized simulation and three-dimensional drawing tools that allow us to study the product even before building it, evaluate its characteristics with users and make changes in the design phase.

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Beside who works in the funerary sector

Every operator knows that the success of his work depends on the professional preparation and the tools he uses. This is why we believe it is essential that those who work with a Me.Ber. know they have a tool to rely on. We take great care to ensure that every detail is checked.

We take care to provide our users with reference literature to ensure that all aids and tools are used in the best possible way..

The philosophy of team play

Always the best for national and international customers

First facing the Italian national market and then, with increasing success expanding towards foreign markets, Me.Ber. it has transferred its unique ability to “team up” to this sector as well.

Customers and users have therefore become partners in a process of product optimization and towards the creation of a rewarding model of shared success.