Titanus 4RG F7020/4RG

Multipurpose self-loading trolley with 4 swivel wheels

Titanus 4RG F7020/4RG

Multipurpose self-loading trolley with 4 swivel wheels The Titanus trolley is also available in the version with 4 swivel wheels. The same features as article F7020. Titanus offers the perfect solution for the range of stretchers and self loading trolleys for funerals. The variable height, as well as the folding of the legs for loading and unloading, is managed by a mechanical sliding system with 2 pistons on each axis. Large 200 mm wheels (2 fixed with brakes and 2 swivel) and the particular configuration of the legs, give the Titanus trolley stability, easy han-dling and ergonomics use. Hooking system for stretchers and recovery boxes.

Main features

Length (cm) 199
Width (cm) 57
Max height (cm) 83
Intermediate height (cm) 67
Folded height (cm) 24
Max loading height (cm) 63
Weight (kg) 33
Loading capacity (kg) 220


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